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Irish Post Office Box Note the crowned cipher of King Edward VII
Irish Post Office Box: Note the crowned cipher of King Edward VII (1901-1910) Originally painted a bright red, the Irish simply painted the post boxes a ...
EIIR Cipher Pillar Box
GR Cipher Wall Box
A very good example of the Type A wall box with a full Edward VII Scroll
GR Cipher Ludlow Wall Box
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Edward VII box with aperture on door, post 1905, fitted with telephone direction sign
Incidentally An Post also still have some of Queen Victorias Post Boxes in daily service even now
EIIR Cipher Lamp Box
A Victorian Wall box (unidentified type) near Ashprington, Devon, UK.
EVIIR Cipher Wall Box
A post box in Windsor in Berkshire bearing the Royal cypher of King Edward VII, an intertwined EVIIR
Royal Ciphers on Postboxes: a Brief Guide. Britain got her first post boxes ...
Irish post box from British rule times painted green since independence on kenilworth square Dublin
A rare hexagonal Edward VII PENFOLD pillar box outside the Post office in Arrowtown, New
An interesting version of the EIIR wall box in use as a pillar at Cowley Bridge
Post box
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old P (Irish) postbox in Howth, Dublin , Ireland.
Out of use post box Malahide Dublin
Pillar box
A British Lamp Box post box of the 1940 pattern at Denvilles, Havant, Hampshire.
EIIR Cipher Type C Scotland
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Rare Edward VII mail box in Dorchester - Stock Image
Pillar box in Lerwick, Shetland with the Crown of Scotland
Wall box Made by W.T. Allen & Co. Ltd., situated in Hod HaSharon
This rare Victorian 2nd National standard wall box near Andover in Hampshire has a large hood
Hong Kong: Post independence in 1997, all red post boxes were painted green but still carry the Cipher of the Reigning Monarch.
Royal cypher
Edward VIII Post Box - Stock Image
Post box in Fritwell village, Oxfordshire, England, UK - Stock Image
GR Cipher Wall Box
A George V wall box type 2103/2-2. Littlehampton. Note the
Very rare post box bearing the Royal cipher of Edward VIII, Heaton Mersey, Stockport
Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in Issue #7 of the Anglotopia Print Magazine. Support great long-form writing about British History, ...
Edward, Edward…
A rare hexagonal Edward VII PENFOLD pillar box outside the Post office in Arrowtown, New
A red royal mail GR post office letter posting box in the uk - Stock Image
The only known example of the large 2nd National Standard wall box is at Boydon End
Blanchland post office, Northumberland. One of only 3 Victorian post boxes in the UK
<--- Post box with Edward VIII cypher, East Finchley, ...
A rare George VI airmail box painted in bright blue (George Regina) in Windsor
Also we keep the money with the Queen's head on - we will just introduce new King Charles III notes, coins as well.
There are plenty of postboxes with GR and VR about
A nice later box here at the junction of Lower Mount Street (all attendant clutter had to be cropped out :rolleyes: )
Gibraltar: The overseas territory stays faithful to the red colour scheme, with the Royal Cipher and other details emphasised in black.
First National Standard (small size), formerly at Sandown Rd, Liverpool
Queen Elizabeth II and Scotland
English Buildings
Very petty. Isle of Bute. Thanks MGH. (2082/2)
Agreed about the lovely Victorian boxes, often forgotton about. The rounded pillar box is a comparitively recent innovation.
A note attached to an old private posting box in St John University (York)
Jerusalem, Israel: Still in use and retaining their distinctive red colour, but the Royal Cipher's were removed following independence from Britain in 1948, ...
K4 phone box post office in Frodsham UK - Stock Image
Irish Free State Type A wall box at the Isle of Wight Postal Museum.
VR Cipher Pillar Box
Victorian post box with Post Office direction sign on top - Stock Image
An An Post VR wall box at the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
There are still some Victorian postboxes in use, and even a few with Edward VIII on.
Blanchland post office, Northumberland. One of only 3 Victorian post boxes in the UK
Postal Box - Wellington Heritage - Absolutely Positively Wellington City Council Me Heke Ki Poneke
Above are three examples of the short-lived King Edward VIII – EVIIIR – cipher. King for less than a year, these are the rarest of the royal ciphers to ...
A larger size Victorian Wall box, sunning itself nicely. Blackheath. (2084/
VR Cipher (Penfold Pillar Box)
and quite a lot of the 'ER' boxes, if you look closely, are actually E for Edward, not E for Elizabeth…
Cyprus: Post Boxes were painted yellow after independence from Britain in 1960 and are still in use, retaining the Royal Cipher.
This VR box in Guernsey is the oldest box in use in the British Isles
Shame. A lovely old Victorian pillar near me in London SE4. Looks like mindless
A rare King Edward VII red post box on the seafront at Sliema, Malta.
Closer to home, two of my favourites, illustrate that there are some interesting curios still around: The Post Box ...
Alas the box is already in almost as poor condition just months after the work was carried out, covered in dirty smears, stickers and papery residues, ...
Queen Elizabeth II Postbox No. 152
Edward VII Poxtbox No. 20
It's called history. You don't get rid of it for no reason!
Delightful Edwardian pillar box here outside the National Museum on Kildare Street in Dublin.
Penzance, Cornwall, UK – January 22, 2015, Showing a royal mail letterbox painted gold in honor of Helen Glover winning a gold medal at the London Olympic ...
Edward VII Postbox No. 42
Post box - A British pillar box with two apertures, one for stamped, and
Lisbon, Portugal: Portugal, never under British influence but in a centuries old alliance, offers boxes on the streets of Lisbon containing no cipher, ...
2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics gold post boxes
First National Standard boxes
George VI Postbox Cipher
Pillar box in Perumbavoor, Kerala, made in Madras for the Indian kingdom of Travancore
A wooden wall box in Burlington House, London.
Edward VII Postbox No. 42
Three-year-old Jessica Farrell posts a letter in Britain's oldest postbox, in. +7
The Christening of King Edward VII.
Anonymous boxes
Photograph of workman fitting locks to pillar boxes bearing the royal cipher of Queen Elizabeth II at the. Carron Works near Falkirk, 1950s
Double Slotted Scottish Crown Postbox 238
Victorian wall box at Steeple Barton, Oxfordshire.
Double Slotted Crown Postbox 239
Elizabeth II Postbox Cipher
The postbox still bears the initials of Queen Victoria, who was on the throne when
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