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Stop oppressing me sob Atheistic Tendencies t Atheist
Stop oppressing me! *sob*
Don't worry when atheists become the majority, we will treat you far better than you have historically treated us.
Credit: Petr Kratochvil/Public Domain
God will be so proud of me, as a proud Father watching his kid grow up. I can't wait to meet Him. Is there a revolver in the house?
Oprah Winfrey says feeling awe and wonder "isn't atheism" to her. #atheistawesome #biashurts
Atheism as a religion. Definition of a word is not the definition of how people live out their religion. If atheists can't keep from judging the religious, ...
Stop giving credit where it doesn't belong and thank the PEOPLE who made you
Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. It's crazy how crazy religions think the other crazy religions are crazy and that their crazy is the right crazy.
If you expect me to keep my atheism private, then I expect you to keep your religion private. | The Big Bang & Reason = Atheism | Pinterest | Religion, ...
(Cartoon from SMBC, h/t to Carl)
Auntie SparkNotes: Why Do Atheists Have Morals?
But I do take issue with the idea that only 6% of US adults are atheists. Technically, the 6% comes from people who identify as atheists, not those are are ...
I am an Axiological Atheist, with a Rationalist Persuasion, who Supports Anarcho-Humanism
One-stop debunking - now, that's convenient! | About the whole 'religion' thing... | Pinterest | Atheism, Atheist and Religion
philosophy: exposing the idiocy of religion for millennia Religion Quotes, Atheist Quotes, Atheist
No objections to Peter Singer by online atheist groups.
Caring Firebrand Atheist Activism Event: Indianapolis, In. May 5
Atheists don't blame god for evil in the world, because atheists don't believe god exists. Evil is indeed manmade, and natural disasters that kill tens ...
Anarchy atheism: advocate of freethought and anti-religious activism. If you don't believe any god should control you, you shouldn't believe any other human ...
bigotry in religion
Beheading Hurt
Acerbic Politics: From the atheists position - stop pushing religion on me and my government, I'll stop posting this stuff.
If the Supreme Court of the United States believes that businesses can ban the use of birth control, then ban Viagra penis pumps.
"Doesn't Thog look silly? He must not know that our pile of rocks is the real God!
“I Just Believe in One Less God Than You Do”: an Atheist Fallacy? | Bob Seidensticker
I guess I am puzzled as I can understand why Christians are passionate about telling Atheists about God, Heaven and Hell. I can't ...
Feminist atheists as far back as the 1800s?
The Light Shines into the Darkness - A History of Atheism (© Frank L. Ludwig)
As Long As There's Fear, We Aren't Ready for Atheism: A Conversation with Theologian and Ex-Priest Daniel Maguire
Let me also note that God made it so that of those who are born die. What does a few years difference make to him?
islands of religion. Atheists ...
The definition of atheism
Islamic communities contain 'tsunamis of atheism' that are being suppressed, says leading ex-Muslim | The Independent
Andy Bannister The Atheist Who Didn't Exist book
You don't get anything worth getting by pretending to know things you don't know.
It's Impossible to be an Atheist…
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And I liked the comment: “Maybe when atheists ...
Amazon.fr - The Twilight of Atheism: The Rise and Fall of Disbelief in the Modern World - Alister McGrath - Livres
The study revealed that people who identify as atheist are more likely to be viewed as morally corrupt
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, photographed at the Neo-conservative American Enterprise Institute.
A person wearing a dress shirt, tie, and blue coat stands on a sunny
The Trouble With Atheism
The Suffering of the World and Atheism 183 The Imaginative Failure of Atheism 185 The Rebirth
“Look ...
My life; the good, the bad, and the ugly on the road to the Mental Freedom of Atheism
The reason I hate religion so much.
American Atheists Essential Reading List Enjoy the introductory information provided in these books, which are of topics of interests to Atheists.
In Atheists We Distrust
Source: Atheists are heavily concentrated ...
... claim that atheists, once they are well-informed about the arguments pro and con Christianity, are stuck there. Intellectual arguments can't budge them.
Damien AtHope
The Presumption of Atheism[edit]
“Intolerant Atheists Viciously Attack Christian School”
Christian apologist Greg Koukl, appealing to Romans 1:18-20, says that the atheist is “denying the obvious, aggressively pushing down the evidence, ...
Refuting the New Atheists
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... happy atheist ...
Richard Wade | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
A Different Kind of Atheist: Axiological, Methodological, Anarchist, Universal Ethicist, Realist, and Rationalist
A hand holding a piece of paper reading "Atheist Republic" inside the Grand Mosque
T H E D A W N O F T H E G O L D E N A G E O F A T H E I S M bidden love between Helen, wife of the king of Sparta, and Paris
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... of its influences, with its proportion of atheists. The call for disjunction between religion and morality is present in many countries as shown below:
Blasting The Foundations of Atheism
My life; the good, the bad, and the ugly on the road to the Mental Freedom of Atheism
Reasons for or Types of Atheism
As atheism becomes more and more normalized and the rights of the non-religious become more and more secured, the need for an atheist community becomes less ...
The atheist's creation story · Atheism needs evolution
Why I'm glad I'm no longer a Christian Simple - I read and studied the Bible. I disagree with too much of it: • I don't hate my mother and father.
Atheism ...
Prayer mural before.
Atheist Ireland Publishes 25 Blasphemous Quotes
Vatican II. "
Is atheism really that hard to understand? - Random musings, rambling opinions
Man with a Note and a Single Word Logic
T H E D A W N O F T H E G O L D E N A G E O F A T H E I S M fences, and automatic machine gun emplacements had become physical symbols of a deeper
Ask John Lennox Anything – on atheism, mathematics, CS Lewis and much more
Dr. Reza Aslan, author of the book
Reasons for or Types of Atheism
On Betrayal by the Left – Talking with Ex-Muslim Sarah Haider
You know, if we followed Michael's logic above, when Cain killed Abel, technically it wasn't murder! Because Murder wasn't a thing yet before Mosaic Law.
Atheism and Muslim Countries: A Conversation with the Moroccan Atheist Kacem El Ghazzali